What Probius Should Have Been

I’ve always wanted an SCV or probe in a MOBA. Even since DotA and other hero based maps in WarCraft 3. It was always a half joke half amazing idea, so when I heard Blizzard was making a probe hero in Heroes of the Storm, I thought “You guys have done it. You’ve made perhaps the most original idea with the most potential into a reality. Good job Blizzard.

Until I saw the video that showed his abilities. A generic linear damage ability? An AoE slow? What are these frontline abilities doing on a worker that’s supposed to be in the backline?

More importantly, where is the Gateway and Stargate? This is a specialist hero, who has a perfect opportunity to summon units to help push, and they didn’t even include a talent for it. Even the cinematic that they got Probius from has him calling in a pylon in orr to warp in units. It’s a cool visual effect, and makes sense for his role. They could have had a Shield Battery ability to protect himself, his pylons and photon cannons, and other heroes. Yet, they chose generic slow and damage abilities instead. The combination of the damage ability and the slow ability creating explosions is cool, but, perhaps that could have been used on a hero that didn’t have so much potential as a worker strategically placing a gateway in a safe place in a lane to split push, or aggressively on the frontline.

So in my opinion, here’s how you fix him:

  • Q: Gateway
    • Periodically summons Zealots that move down the lane attacking any ground target.
    • Only one Gateway can be active at a time.
    • Requires a Pylon to be active.
    • Has innate shields with slow regeneration.
    • Talents
      • Tier 1
        • Warp Gate (Active): Upgrades Gateways to actively warp units in to a power field.
      • Tier 2
        • Dragoon: Dragoons are periodically spawned from Gateways.
        • Stalker: Stalkers are periodically spawned from Gateways:
      • Tier 3
        • Forge: Zealots gain passive movement speed boost and charge, Dragoons gain attack range, Stalkers gain blink.
        • Stargate: Upgrades all Gateways into Stargates which spawn corresponding air units: Scouts, Phoenixes that lift and attack creeps, Void Rays.
        • Increases total Gateways that can be active to two.
  • W: Photon Cannon
    • Permanent but requires a pylon to be active.
    • Has innate shields with slow regeneration.
    • Talents:
      • Tier 1
        • Singularity Charge: Increases attack range.
        • Shield upgrade: Increases shield amount.
        • Detects invisible enemy heroes around it.
      • Tier 2
        • Super heated plasma (Eat hot plasma monkey boy): Increases attack damage and grants short damage over time for 1-2 seconds.
        • Hardened Shields: When shields are depleted, gains 200 temporary shields for 2 seconds.
  • E: Shield Battery
    • Passively grants shields to a single target at a time even when the target is being damaged.
    • Only one Shield Battery can be active at a time.
    • Requires a Pylon to be active.
    • Has innate shields with slow regeneration.
    • Talents:
      • Tier 1
        • Increase total shield amount on targets.
        • Increase shield charge rate.
      • Tier 2
        • Increase total energy for shielding other units.
        • Grants shields to all nearby heroes simultaneously. (This will deplete the shield battery’s energy faster)
      • Tier 3
        • Infantry Efficiency: Increase shield charge rate for heroes. (more shield for less energy)
        • Structure Efficiency: Increase shield charge rate for buildings. (more shield for less energy)
  • R1: Mass Recall
    • Warps in a Protoss army at target location.
    • Target must be within a power field.
    • Talents:
      • Arbiter: Cloaks all nearby friendly ground units until Arbiter is destroyed.
  • R2: Nexus/Probe Rush
    • Warps in a Nexus at target location that spawns probes with Chrono Boost, has a Photon Overcharge attack, and a large pool of health. Probes attack down the lane. Probes are weak but swarm the enemy.
    • Only one Nexus can be active at a time.
    • Has innate shields with slow regeneration.
    • Talents
      • Chrono Surge: Probes are spawned faster.
  • D: Pylon
    • Used to power buildings and recharge Probius’ energy.
    • Only two pylons may be active at a time.
    • Has innate shields with slow regeneration.
    • Talents:
      • Tier 1:
        • Warp Prism (Active): Temporarily warps in a Warp Prism to generate a temporary power field. Can be recast while the warp prism is active to reposition it, but warp field is inactive while moving. Warp Prism can be killed.
        • Pylon Overcharge (Active): All pylons gain a powerful attack for a limited time.
      • Tier 2:
        • You must construct additional Pylons: Four pylons may now be active at a time.
  • Other Talents:
    • Level 20:
      • Shield Overcharge (Active): All structures gain temporary shields for a few seconds.
      • Matrix Overload: Units in a power field have increased movement and attack speed.
  • Other:
    • All structures have innate shields with low recharge rate.
    • All structures except for pylons and the Nexus require a power field to operate. The structures stop functioning without a power field.
    • All units and structures have a short warp in time during which they can take damage.
    • All structures except pylons require minerals to build. Minerals are dropped from enemy units, and are periodically replenished in bursts. Minerals take the place of mana.
    • All structures are permanent until the player reaches the building limit. If the player exceeds that limit, the oldest structure will be destroyed.
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