“Battle Draft” Ship Battle Mode Trailer, Trailer 5

This trailer showcases the Ship Battle mode in Slizer: BMS. Ship Battles are simulated fights where the player and the enemy only use battlecruiser units. The Battle Draft mode starts the player out with only one ship, with an unknown enemy ship chosen in response. The player may choose to deploy other battlecruisers whenever they like, but doing so will also spawn an enemy ship. Destroy all enemy ships to win, while defending your flagship.


“This video will explain how to use the Ship Battle program in Slizer BMS
4 modes
total number of ships yourself + enemies

We’ll be looking at Battle Draft
start out by select only one ship
after that call in reinforcements at any time until you hit the max number ships you chose, but every time you do the enemy also gets reinforcements
Enemy ships are selected to counter your own, making it more difficult for you.
you can wait until you’ve destroyed the enemy ships to call in reinforcements or call them in all at once.
You win by destroying the total amount of enemy ships, while Losing your flagship will result in defeat.

As with most modes in BMS, the game starts with a long range phase and can transition into more traditional shorter range combat.
The ships you choose affect how long these phases last, and can to some extent counter enemy ships.

That covers this Ship Battle mode. See the Library program for more tutorials.”

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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