Slizer: BMS v1.18b16

Release Date: 24/3/17
1. Game Messages with a warning sound fixed to use the repeating function instead of the modified function that overrides all previous sound of that type
2. Fixed Ship Battle room showing the victory screen when you lose, spawning enemy ships as friendly units,
3. Fixed Freyr not checking if its target existed before launching the Leivateinn, crashing the game
4. Fixed Valkyrie 2’s not using the order_attack function, which meant they were not using damage drop, and fixed them not inheriting variables, which was crashing the game
5. Fixed Shards not using the order_attack function, which meant they were not using damage drop, gave them attack range, gave them attack angles
6. Weapons with attack damage lower than the target’s armor now deal health damage again. Saving that change for the next game
7. Fixed unit selection circles not having a set colour
8. Finished Wolverine unit and added it to Rebel unit list
9. Added Sprayer Shot ability to Sprayer Turret and finished the unit, fixed Mortar Fire ability not using the rebindable hotkey and gave it a tooltip, fixed Sensor Turret not putting the ability name on the tooltip for the Designate Weapons Target ability because the it was listed as having only one ability
10. Updated the fighter AI script to make sure the units speed up and turn at the right times
11. Middle Mouse button now resets zoom to default and added zoom button text to the help tab in game
12. Mainbase now has battlecruiser state sound effects
13. Fixed the settings menu showing up when reaching the mission menu if ZERO had been typed outside of the menu
14. Fixed fighters not having movespeed when in dogfights
15. Units now need to re-acquire a target if their target moves too fast for their targeting
16. The unit stats window in game can now be toggle with caps lock
17. Fixed enemy unit spawned from transports and the Wraiths in mission 10 not using the right function to make units, which made their in game names not have appropriately sized boxes
18. Fixed Armiger’s rockets not facing the direction they are fired in
19. Added new images to show equipment in the Planning Room when the unit is selected
20. Fixed Beam weapon equipment not having accuracy, crashing the game
21. The settings menu can now be accessed by typing zero with upper or lower case letters, the password is now shown if it is being typed properly, and added a button on the escape text
22. Turned off the unit stats menu by default
23. Fixed the Enemy Praetor model having white transparency around it
24. Fixed flares being launched at enemy flares, crashing the game when they tried to check for a variable the target did not have
25. Fixed Plasma Tower using the old ambush code, crashing the game when it tried to detect the player’s AI from the old object. Removed ambush from it since the ambush script is made for player units
26. Laboratory research now has lines and tooltip text showing what its requirements are, fixed the backgrounds for buttons bing too big
27. Markov’s name in the Library chaged, is now final. Admiral now has a name
28. Fixed the Mainbase Status room showing “GN” shields instead of “SL” shields
29. Added symbols on the maps for landing pads, fixed mission 10’s landing pad text which said “H. PAD”, and added a section in the help section of the Library for the map, added diagonal lines on corners of buildings, updated Toulouse Main Base map and Slizer Base map, moved the image for the help section in the Library up, updated mission 2 map

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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
Slizer Battle Management System Windows game
Slizer BMS v1.17b1
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