Response to a Warframe Analysis

This was written in response to the following video:
I don’t mean for it to sound rude but I am quite surprised you view the game sometimes in the exact opposite way that I do.

There is so much bias in this. I don’t disagree with your overall point but I am very surprised at some points. You somewhat admitted them but I still feel the video is misleading.

1) “Welcoming to new players… You’re not going to need to dive into one-hundred page FAQs to figure things out”

I didn’t have much trouble, but this game is extremely unfriendly to new players due to few tutorials, convoluted systems, and hiding data and instructions. It’s a good thing they introduced endo and added more tutorials.This game practically needs the wiki to be played. Bosses are often invulnerable with no instruction or even hint of how their gimmick works in a hectic and unforgiving environment where you often can’t test hypothesis and take the time to get close and notice the glowy (does juggernaut even glow?) spot. Mods and abilities sometimes have vague descriptions, weapons don’t show you all the stats or inform you about mechanics they use, stances don’t tell you about what each move does.

2) “Warframe does a spectacular job of making all of it’s content attainable in a reasonable way through nothing more than gameplay”
“Blueprints for those will drop easily and quickly enough…”
“There is no gambling involved in Warframe”

Running tens to hundreds of the same mission is -not- reasonable, easy, or quick. It is definitely a matter of gambling, just with time instead of money. Wasting players’ time (sorties giving endo or boosters I don’t want, or giving me a riven only for it to be for a bad weapon) is not acceptable. You’re right that we can buy what we want on the market, but either for money via buying plat or for time via grinding mats or things to trade for plat. Oh and 3.5 days just waiting for a new frame to build.

3) “And if and when you do decide to shell out some of your hard earned cash it provides solid value that feels commensurate with the amount of money you spent”

The dollars per plat is not even slightly worth it. I’m hesitant even at 75% off to buy those rip-offs. If you consider the dollar price of in game content it’s often just as bad as other games charging for microtransactions. I paid 30 plat for what was advertised as a giant poster and turned out to be tiny. At the smallest unit of platinum purchasing, I’d have to spend $5 for 75 plat just to buy that one, at most two posters.4) “not constantly trying to upsell you or lure you to its storefront”

Except most cosmetics, weapons and frames show a plat price to straight out purchase unless you want to grind for days hoping parts will drop, wait twelve hours for it to build, grind for some argon which you can’t stockpile, then wait three whole days for. That was almost certainly done to make you fed up or impatient so you click on the very obvious “Rush” button to spend plat to speed it up, or buy argon, admittedly hidden away in the marketplace though.

5) “Movement is tight”
Except for getting stuck due to poor collisions.

6) “It’s going to make you want to grind”
No, no it really doesn’t. I avoid grinding at all costs, while many people grind weapons they might hate just to rank up for convenience and quality of life improvements.

7)“Bosses… are going to drop something worthwhile on a near constant basis. Even when the boss drops a part you already have you can sell it for resources that are far from chump change. You never feel like you’re being shorted. There’s never a situation where you’re fuming because you’ve just spent an hour on a mission and the boss only dropped loot that you already had or was below your level.”

I don’t know what kind of experience you had but this is all the opposite of mine and many other peoples’. Bosses drop resources and worthless mods most of the time. Ones that I have more of than I will ever need, and the rare times you get frame parts, they only sell for credits, of which I have 12 million. So it is chump change and I usually feel like I’m being shorted. Good luck getting Mesa, Ivara, or Equinox, or just primes.

8) “You can pick a piece of loot and not rely on drops at all.”

This is objectively false for anything that needs rare resources to build or parts to drop from loot tables, which ism I think, every worthwhile item.

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