Art Assets for Sequel

The artist’s current progress on the new maps.





The Original Maps:

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Alternate Mission 2 Backgrounds

Original (v1.18b17)

Original (v1.18b17)

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Short Story- Grip

A: Captain, you are Blanc’s boy aren’t you?

B: Admiral, sir!

Blanc salutes in shock.

A: How are you doing?

B: Very good sir.

A: And what would you be working on at the moment?

B: I’m handling the logistics for the transfer, it’s all going smoothly sir.

A: They have you pushing pencils? Surely you must have better things to do. Who put you on this assignment?

B: I’m not sure, we all handle these sort of things. I suppose we take turns, now that I think of it.

A: I will talk to whoever is in charge and have you put on something more fitting. It is a real waste of good talent.

The admiral never talked to anyone about it. It wasn’t that he never meant to, or that he forgot, it was just more of a singular, isolated statement.

B: [At first hesitating, surprised] You are too kind sir. I’m just doing my job.

A: Non sense, I have seen your dedication. Not like that Russian Colonel. I have to wonder how he has got as far as he is.

B: Do you mean he did not earn his promotions?

A: Come now, a lazy Russian, a colonel? You are smart enough to know something is wrong there. His attitude insults hard working Frenchmen like us.

Blanc is listening, contemplating what the Admiral is saying.

A. Oh well, what ever it is, we will never know. I would ask him myself but it is not my concern, unless there is reason to investigate.

The Admiral inhales, making that face as if concluding and preparing to leave.

A: Keep up your good work Captain.

The admiral turns and takes a step. He pauses just before Blanc responds.

B: Sir!… Thank you, sir!

Not having paid attention to what Blanc said, he considers and then puts his hand out. Blanc, lightly confused, looks down, and lowers his hand slowly from his forehead to take the Admiral’s strong grip. He tries to reciprocate the strength, but as he considers gripping tighter the handshake is over.

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Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Season 1 Analysis


It’s OK. It’s not a great Gundam series or a great anime. It has great moments (though not as good as Gundam Wing or Gundam 00) spread throughout an OK story that takes a bit too long too progress, and doesn’t really develop a lot of the themes it has, possibly to just introduce them for season 2.

It’s very slow. Not much happens. Very few fights. By the same point in Gundam Wing or Gundam 00 there would have been major plot reveals, which don’t seem to he happened in this, or if they have they haven’t bee particularly impressive. It’s a fairly simple plot. The events on mars, in space, in the colonies, and on earth feel like they could have been done in fewer episodes. Some episodes has no fights at all, and barely any story progression. All they had was basically characterisation, and while that’s not a bad thing, it’s better if that’s not the only thing that goes on in an episode. Some episodes, while not bad, had me feeling that while the episode wasn’t boring, I was waiting for something to happen to accompany the characterisation. Like eating a single ingredient as a starter, enjoying it, then being told the meal is over, and wondering where the rest of the different types of food were.

The fight scenes were good, but they never quite reached the high standards of Gundam 00. They were infrequent though, and on average a bit duller than other Gundam series. The lack of clearly separated Gundam mobile suits from other mobile suits did not help. While they did say that Gundams were amazingly powerful, the gap in the power level between them and mobile suits wasn’t as big as in other series. As a result the Gundams weren’t too impressive, especially given that there weren’t that many. This was likely a choice to go with the original Gundam 0079 style rather than the Gundam Wing style of a team of Gundams. The lack of energy weapons was an interesting choice, but simultaneously the old weapon style has drawbacks making the weapons less impressive. To make up for that the Barbatos had some interesting weapons. While the Barbatos was interesting in both design and use, it wasn’t quite enough to impress me. It’s hard to get that feeling of a succinct team of distinct Gundams like in Wing, or the clearly defined roles of Gundam 00. It didn’t even have a clear set of enemy Gundams like in Gundam Seed. But it worked.

The themes of poverty and literacy were good and I thought fairly original since most shows do not deal with these things, especially having an illiterate child soldier as a protagonist. They didn’t quite develop these themes much though, or any of the other themes very much. It didn’t do the revolution theme nearly as well as in Gundam Wing, and the child soldier theme could have been used more too. Gundam 00 made me feel more for the child soldiers, despite not focusing as much on that theme. It also had a theme of underage marriage and harems/prostitution, but again not much was made of it.

The deaths as usual were fairly emotional, except for Biscuit’s. I just didn’t feel like they built it up enough. He had sisters who he wanted to put in school, his brother died after severely disappointing him and selling him out. If they hadn’t made it so obvious then I might have been more surprised. I think more importantly, while he seemed like a nice guy, he didn’t have much of a personality. I assume they meant for him to be very likeable, but he wasn’t exactly an unnamed analogous character from Gundam 00. When someone said he’d have time to tell Orga later, it was clear he wouldn’t have time. I would in fact say, a lot of the characters lacked dimensionality. They definitely had some, but they seem very singularly motivated with a bit of softness. There was also a character that’s hinted at being homosexual, which is an interesting addition that I don’t think has been done before. I felt more for the deaths of the enemies, especially towards the end, since they were handled with more drama. Similarly, some characters who almost died towards the end I thought were handled better than Biscuit’s death. Biscuit’s death wasn’t done completely wrong, as the events that led up to it would have been good if they just weren’t so transparent, and if he was a more interesting character.

The enemies are far too often stereotypically arrogant. They suffer from the fallacy of feeling indignation and wanting revenge for their comrades’ deaths. I think that perhaps every single Gjallarhorn character who they fought suffered from this cliché. They really overdid it in that regard. Mikazuki’s clear disregard for their pride, while entertaining, seemed to have been the only reason this was set up as it was. I don’t think one should -want- to see arrogant people being proven wrong, as if it were a perverse, almost sadistic addiction. When done tastefully it’s fine, but they really went out of their way to make Mikazuki a sociopath. I assume that like the other themes, they wee only setting it up for season 2, which is why they didn’t develop it much in season 1.

The Alaya Vijnana system was a nice choice for t signature technology of the series, but again wasn’t quite used as much as the Zero or GN systems in Gundam Wing and 00. It was done tastefully though, they didn’t make too big of a deal of it. Again, it seems fine since it’s more so being set up for season 2. Not much was done with the colonies either.

The demon theme was good, especially as a contrast to the angel theme in Gundam 00, both of which were fairly subtle. Such themes are better done subtly, but since I didn’t recognise most of the names, I’m not sure to what extent they kept the (few) Gundams or other mobile suits in this theme. The whole story arc seems like a continuation, or contrast to Gundam 00. The organiation that maintains peace, Gjallarhorn, is analogous to Celestial Being who had an angelic theme and were “above” national blocs. A small, militaristic group such as Tekkaden, with more demonic features, is in a way a counter to that, almost as if Treize had started his coup d’etat in a victorious but corrupt Celestial Being.

I would not say there was a lot of missed potential, although that may be true, because I think it was an acceptable choice on their part to make it like this. It wasn’t worse, it just chose not to pursue some avenues that it would have done really well. I think it was mostly to set up season 2. The biggest problems for my taste were how slow it progressed, the lack of depth for some characters, Biscuit’s relatively unmoving death, and the lack of distinct Gundam design themes. Not a bad Gundam series or a bad anime, just a bit disappointing and a bit lower down on my list of favourite Gundam shows.

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Short Story- Shade

Past morning in Marseille, light shining through the window at a 40 degree angle, covering most of the desk and the Admiral’s chair. He thinks for a moment how he’d like to have a cigar in his mouth, despite him not being a smoker. Stationary and office things on his desk are gently bathed in bright light, but he only sees the document in his shadow.

A middling strength knock comes from the door, four knocks.

A: Yes.

The door opens promptly.

G: Admiral, Colonel Toulouse reporting for duty.

A: Colonel, come in. Take a seat.

G: Thank you sir.

A: You have heard of the attack in Toulouse?

G: No, sir, a terrorist attack in Toulouse city?

A: Oh, well, rebels attacked the base and stole a Praetor. You will be in charge of finding them and returning the ship undamaged.

G: I don’t q-

He gestures towards the door without noticing Col. Toulouse was asking a question:

A: Ask him for the details. He can answer any questions you have.

G: … Yes sir-

A: You are welcome colonel, this is a great opportunity for you. You are a smart man. I asked for you personally on this case because I know you can get that which belongs to us back without messing it up. You will be attending the gala next week?

G: Possibly, sir. I might have to attend a family event beforehand.

A: Don’t be modest colonel, it will be fun. You will be done with this by then, I will introduce you to General Septheim. Make sure you have some stories to tell him.

G: I’ll do that, sir.

A: You are on your way, -colonel-.

G: I’ll be on my way then, with permission, sir.

A: [Laughs a bit] Go, go.

He not impolitely gestures with his hand for him to leave. Col. Toulouse closes the door conscientiously, relieved and confused, and asks the assistant for the report.

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Short Story- Stumble

Flying into the launch bay with controlled thruster bursts, a white machine suddenly stumbles in mid air, but stabilises and lands to a group of technicians confusedly making sure it lands safely, and two guards not sure if it’s a threat or not.

It powers down, most notably from a glow on the head dissipating. A hatch opens on the chest, and an Alliance officer jumps out, grabbing and pushing on the handles to skip out to the ground. He lands and walks past the crowd to Col. Toulouse.

G: “Lieutenant, what is this?”

M: “Gerard, this machine is amazing. The response time, the power, it has incredible performance. It could use a tune up, but this thing is amazing.”

G: “Markov you didn’t- did you take the Urdswan?”

M: “I don’t know what it’s called but I love it. Can we keep it? I promise to take good care of her.”

G: “You stole this, we can’t just take units without proper requisitioning. It’s very old as well, I don’t think it’s safe for you to pilot, especially not on the field.”

M: “Come on Gerard, you saw me out there didn’t you? You’re right it’s probably not safe, but have the engineers take a look at it and get it fixed up. Worst case I can eject and it crashes and burns.”

G: “You honestly want us to take this unit and maintain it? Milo there are procedures, we would have to run a lot of tests on it-”

M: “You get all the paperwork done and tell me when I can jump back in. Gerard this is a great asset for us, plus it’s great fun to pilot. You should give it a go, while you’re still young enough to take the G’s.”

G: “Markov…”

M: “I’m going to eat, that was a pretty good work out. See you there? Unless you have papers to scribble on.”

G: “Hold on, even if the unit is cleared for use, which I’m not sure it will be, it’s probably still not a good idea to use. It’s very old Milo, it might have powerful components but who knows how long they’ll last. They could fail in battle. There might be issues with the computer systems, we don’t even have any replacement parts for any of it. It would need a complete overhaul.”

Both walking down the hall.

M: “Oh no, don’t you go putting any cheap parts in that thing. Have you ever driven a classic car Gerard? You don’t mess with the parts.”

G: “You know I haven’t.”

M: “Then it’s settled, do what you can buddy. Don’t worry.”

G: “No promises.”

Gerard stops, Markov turns to face him while walking backwards.

M: “I told you this would be fun!”

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Slizer: BMS v1.18b16

Release Date: 24/3/17
1. Game Messages with a warning sound fixed to use the repeating function instead of the modified function that overrides all previous sound of that type
2. Fixed Ship Battle room showing the victory screen when you lose, spawning enemy ships as friendly units,
3. Fixed Freyr not checking if its target existed before launching the Leivateinn, crashing the game
4. Fixed Valkyrie 2’s not using the order_attack function, which meant they were not using damage drop, and fixed them not inheriting variables, which was crashing the game
5. Fixed Shards not using the order_attack function, which meant they were not using damage drop, gave them attack range, gave them attack angles
6. Weapons with attack damage lower than the target’s armor now deal health damage again. Saving that change for the next game
7. Fixed unit selection circles not having a set colour
8. Finished Wolverine unit and added it to Rebel unit list
9. Added Sprayer Shot ability to Sprayer Turret and finished the unit, fixed Mortar Fire ability not using the rebindable hotkey and gave it a tooltip, fixed Sensor Turret not putting the ability name on the tooltip for the Designate Weapons Target ability because the it was listed as having only one ability
10. Updated the fighter AI script to make sure the units speed up and turn at the right times
11. Middle Mouse button now resets zoom to default and added zoom button text to the help tab in game
12. Mainbase now has battlecruiser state sound effects
13. Fixed the settings menu showing up when reaching the mission menu if ZERO had been typed outside of the menu
14. Fixed fighters not having movespeed when in dogfights
15. Units now need to re-acquire a target if their target moves too fast for their targeting
16. The unit stats window in game can now be toggle with caps lock
17. Fixed enemy unit spawned from transports and the Wraiths in mission 10 not using the right function to make units, which made their in game names not have appropriately sized boxes
18. Fixed Armiger’s rockets not facing the direction they are fired in
19. Added new images to show equipment in the Planning Room when the unit is selected
20. Fixed Beam weapon equipment not having accuracy, crashing the game
21. The settings menu can now be accessed by typing zero with upper or lower case letters, the password is now shown if it is being typed properly, and added a button on the escape text
22. Turned off the unit stats menu by default
23. Fixed the Enemy Praetor model having white transparency around it
24. Fixed flares being launched at enemy flares, crashing the game when they tried to check for a variable the target did not have
25. Fixed Plasma Tower using the old ambush code, crashing the game when it tried to detect the player’s AI from the old object. Removed ambush from it since the ambush script is made for player units
26. Laboratory research now has lines and tooltip text showing what its requirements are, fixed the backgrounds for buttons bing too big
27. Markov’s name in the Library chaged, is now final. Admiral now has a name
28. Fixed the Mainbase Status room showing “GN” shields instead of “SL” shields
29. Added symbols on the maps for landing pads, fixed mission 10’s landing pad text which said “H. PAD”, and added a section in the help section of the Library for the map, added diagonal lines on corners of buildings, updated Toulouse Main Base map and Slizer Base map, moved the image for the help section in the Library up, updated mission 2 map

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Art Crowd Funding

I’ve started an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds to pay a graphic designer to make new maps for Slizer: BMS. If you think the game has potential, you can contribute or share it with others.

Short link:

The funds will go directly to the artist to work on the first map which will be shown so you can see what you’re paying for.

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“Battle Draft” Ship Battle Mode Trailer, Trailer 5

This trailer showcases the Ship Battle mode in Slizer: BMS. Ship Battles are simulated fights where the player and the enemy only use battlecruiser units. The Battle Draft mode starts the player out with only one ship, with an unknown enemy ship chosen in response. The player may choose to deploy other battlecruisers whenever they like, but doing so will also spawn an enemy ship. Destroy all enemy ships to win, while defending your flagship.


“This video will explain how to use the Ship Battle program in Slizer BMS
4 modes
total number of ships yourself + enemies

We’ll be looking at Battle Draft
start out by select only one ship
after that call in reinforcements at any time until you hit the max number ships you chose, but every time you do the enemy also gets reinforcements
Enemy ships are selected to counter your own, making it more difficult for you.
you can wait until you’ve destroyed the enemy ships to call in reinforcements or call them in all at once.
You win by destroying the total amount of enemy ships, while Losing your flagship will result in defeat.

As with most modes in BMS, the game starts with a long range phase and can transition into more traditional shorter range combat.
The ships you choose affect how long these phases last, and can to some extent counter enemy ships.

That covers this Ship Battle mode. See the Library program for more tutorials.”

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What Probius Should Have Been

I’ve always wanted an SCV or probe in a MOBA. Even since DotA and other hero based maps in WarCraft 3. It was always a half joke half amazing idea, so when I heard Blizzard was making a probe hero in Heroes of the Storm, I thought “You guys have done it. You’ve made perhaps the most original idea with the most potential into a reality. Good job Blizzard.

Until I saw the video that showed his abilities. A generic linear damage ability? An AoE slow? What are these frontline abilities doing on a worker that’s supposed to be in the backline?

More importantly, where is the Gateway and Stargate? This is a specialist hero, who has a perfect opportunity to summon units to help push, and they didn’t even include a talent for it. Even the cinematic that they got Probius from has him calling in a pylon in orr to warp in units. It’s a cool visual effect, and makes sense for his role. They could have had a Shield Battery ability to protect himself, his pylons and photon cannons, and other heroes. Yet, they chose generic slow and damage abilities instead. The combination of the damage ability and the slow ability creating explosions is cool, but, perhaps that could have been used on a hero that didn’t have so much potential as a worker strategically placing a gateway in a safe place in a lane to split push, or aggressively on the frontline.

So in my opinion, here’s how you fix him:

  • Q: Gateway
    • Periodically summons Zealots that move down the lane attacking any ground target.
    • Only one Gateway can be active at a time.
    • Requires a Pylon to be active.
    • Has innate shields with slow regeneration.
    • Talents
      • Tier 1
        • Warp Gate (Active): Upgrades Gateways to actively warp units in to a power field.
      • Tier 2
        • Dragoon: Dragoons are periodically spawned from Gateways.
        • Stalker: Stalkers are periodically spawned from Gateways:
      • Tier 3
        • Forge: Zealots gain passive movement speed boost and charge, Dragoons gain attack range, Stalkers gain blink.
        • Stargate: Upgrades all Gateways into Stargates which spawn corresponding air units: Scouts, Phoenixes that lift and attack creeps, Void Rays.
        • Increases total Gateways that can be active to two.
  • W: Photon Cannon
    • Permanent but requires a pylon to be active.
    • Has innate shields with slow regeneration.
    • Talents:
      • Tier 1
        • Singularity Charge: Increases attack range.
        • Shield upgrade: Increases shield amount.
        • Detects invisible enemy heroes around it.
      • Tier 2
        • Super heated plasma (Eat hot plasma monkey boy): Increases attack damage and grants short damage over time for 1-2 seconds.
        • Hardened Shields: When shields are depleted, gains 200 temporary shields for 2 seconds.
  • E: Shield Battery
    • Passively grants shields to a single target at a time even when the target is being damaged.
    • Only one Shield Battery can be active at a time.
    • Requires a Pylon to be active.
    • Has innate shields with slow regeneration.
    • Talents:
      • Tier 1
        • Increase total shield amount on targets.
        • Increase shield charge rate.
      • Tier 2
        • Increase total energy for shielding other units.
        • Grants shields to all nearby heroes simultaneously. (This will deplete the shield battery’s energy faster)
      • Tier 3
        • Infantry Efficiency: Increase shield charge rate for heroes. (more shield for less energy)
        • Structure Efficiency: Increase shield charge rate for buildings. (more shield for less energy)
  • R1: Mass Recall
    • Warps in a Protoss army at target location.
    • Target must be within a power field.
    • Talents:
      • Arbiter: Cloaks all nearby friendly ground units until Arbiter is destroyed.
  • R2: Nexus/Probe Rush
    • Warps in a Nexus at target location that spawns probes with Chrono Boost, has a Photon Overcharge attack, and a large pool of health. Probes attack down the lane. Probes are weak but swarm the enemy.
    • Only one Nexus can be active at a time.
    • Has innate shields with slow regeneration.
    • Talents
      • Chrono Surge: Probes are spawned faster.
  • D: Pylon
    • Used to power buildings and recharge Probius’ energy.
    • Only two pylons may be active at a time.
    • Has innate shields with slow regeneration.
    • Talents:
      • Tier 1:
        • Warp Prism (Active): Temporarily warps in a Warp Prism to generate a temporary power field. Can be recast while the warp prism is active to reposition it, but warp field is inactive while moving. Warp Prism can be killed.
        • Pylon Overcharge (Active): All pylons gain a powerful attack for a limited time.
      • Tier 2:
        • You must construct additional Pylons: Four pylons may now be active at a time.
  • Other Talents:
    • Level 20:
      • Shield Overcharge (Active): All structures gain temporary shields for a few seconds.
      • Matrix Overload: Units in a power field have increased movement and attack speed.
  • Other:
    • All structures have innate shields with low recharge rate.
    • All structures except for pylons and the Nexus require a power field to operate. The structures stop functioning without a power field.
    • All units and structures have a short warp in time during which they can take damage.
    • All structures except pylons require minerals to build. Minerals are dropped from enemy units, and are periodically replenished in bursts. Minerals take the place of mana.
    • All structures are permanent until the player reaches the building limit. If the player exceeds that limit, the oldest structure will be destroyed.
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Slizer BMS v1.17b1
Slizer Battle Management System Windows game